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onnthe early edition... the n-r-a releases an ad... that targees president obama. obama."arr the president's kkds more important than yours?" yours?"the backlaah the spot -3 is facing... and how it could impaat thh gun control debate. 3 & 3 3 3 whaa's a weatherman to do hen hhs computer system crashes.... ell in -3 oklahoma one man uses cceativiiy and a piece of - papee. 3 "andrew kozak" was preparing for his morning show when hisscompuuerrblacked-out. improvisee....drawing the &pday'' weaaher rrahics...even downnto the -day foreeast. kozak evvn drew pictures of how he felt when - his computer went down. 3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)))-- 3 ((traffic reporter ad llis)) map 40 liberty 3 greenssrrng map 3 3 3 3 3 pou can ggt your mornnng news - and weather... seven days a week right heee on fox45.foxx5 launnhes thisssaaurday. will be anchoredd - broadcaster marianne banisser &pand mmteorollgist tony pagnotti willlbring you the weather.the show premieres punday at 7 a-m..
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1